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Posted: September 10, 2009 in t-shirts
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Old Aged Punk

This blog is the sister site of, a site that was devised as a method of selling t-shirts that pay homage to Punk but at the same time recognise that it, and its original followers, are over 30 years old.

Those of us that were in it at the start are showing the signs of ageing, but if you are reading this then the passion has not dissipated.

It all started with an idea…the Old Aged Punk…me and my mate Griff. We still go to gigs, we still buy the music, but we don’t have the hair or the figure for tight trousers. What we do have is the need for black t-shirts and this is the first of its kind.

We then started to think of other idea’s, other ways in which we could pay homage to our hero’s but recognise our age. The Clash were probably the most important band after the Pistols and Paul Simenon was a legend. His iconic stance on the London Calling album lent itself to be parodied and revered at the same time. It is stuff of legend.

The Full Set

The Full Set

Generation XXL was an obvious next move in recognising the expanding waistline of us middle aged punks while Nevermind the Prostate is for the even older generation. SAGA – Old Punks on Tour will be released soon and the date will be published on this blog

So if you like what you see and have a spare tenner pop over to and get yourself togged up.